No Need To Sit In Traffic When You Can Fly Right Over It

Flying cars? We love ’em. As they get to be more real with Terrafugia and others gearing up their upcoming craft, the Pentagon and its research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), wants to get in on all the fun. Imagine how convenient a flying Humvee would be would you’re protecting the world from evildoers.

The vehicle you see here is the first peek at “Personal Air Vehicle Technology.” Considerably smaller than a Humvee – it’s about the size of a small private plane – it won’t be armed at first. The scout vehicle is said to go 60MPH on land and 150MPH in the air, flying for a couple of hours before it needs to refuel.

There’s just a trickle of the Pentagon’s nearly unlimited budget going toward the flying cars now, but that could ramp up fast. With all the secret “black ops” going on behind the Defense Department’s closed doors, maybe DARPA has some exotic flying-saucer levitating tech to go into this thing. You never know.