Specchio Wi-Fi Digiframe Mirror 

Gone are the days when a picture frame was just meant to display your cherished memories. We have seen different types of digiframes in the past, including the digiframe with built-in photo printer and the singing digiframe.

This time, we have one shiny digiframe that doubles as a mirror. The Wi-Fi enabled Specchio digital photo frame by Parrot designed by Parisian Martin Szekely is more than just eye candy. You can even email photos to the frame directly from your PC or mobile phone. You also have the option to showcase your photos from online photo sharing sites like Flickr. Unfortunately, you might not be able to pick one as it’s out of stock. Anyway, you can have the one by Andrée Putman for a cool $450. This artistic digiframe is sure to give your photos a touch of sophistication.

Via Bornrich.org