Feel the Time.

The Sentio is a digital tactile watch for the blind designed by Matthew Wagerfield. The watch has segments that rise 1 mm from the surface of the watch to signify the hour and minute.

The face of sentio exhibits a pair of 7-segment displays that would normally be found on digital alarm clocks, watches or any other digital numerical display. This pair of 7-segment displays outputs either minutes or hours depending on the mode that it is dynamically set to.

However, the 14 segments evident on the face of sentio do not conform to the expectations of lighting up; since this would be superfluous to visually impaired users.

Instead, these segments are mechanically animated. Each segment has the ability to rise up 1mm above the face of the watch so that it can be both seen as well as touched. This visual and tactile display provides a fully inclusive format of displaying the time to anyone; regardless of impairment.

Link – via Core77 and Neatorama