Vampire Killing Kit

Usually our focus is on shiny new gadgetry, but let’s not forget gadgets of old. In this case a Vampire killing kit that has likely put to rest one hell of a lot of undead mo-fos in it’s time. This 200-year-old vampire killing kit was recently sold at an auction in Missisippi, where the bid ended at a staggering $14,850! That’s a pretty expensive way to kill a Vampire. (PICS)

In the kit you get such useful tools as: A cross, Bible, Hand gun and silver bullets(In case you get confused and set out after a Werewolf), Holy oils, Holy water, Mirrors, Candles, Garlic, Wood and metal stakes. I’m not sure who the buyer was, but I’m guessing some vampire in Mississippi is in for some serious pain.

Antique Vampire Killing Kit 

Vampire killing kit from the Mercer Museum in Pennsylvania

Antique Vampire Killing Kit

Tools of the trade

Antique Vampire Killing Kit

The skull of a woman unearthed in Italy showed her jaw forced open by a brick (above)-an exorcism technique used on suspected vampires.

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