The iPosture Helps You Achieve Perfect Posture 

A new i device has come along… the iPosture.

The iPosture is an electronic disc containing a number of sensors programmable to accept your perfect posture. When you deviate from that posture, the little devil goes off, vibrating until you get back in line.

The one-inch iPosture button attaches to your skin, your bra strap, or a necklace and it’s positioned in a spot on your chest that would be sensitive to various changes in your neck, back, and shoulders. Once it is programmed to “like” your best posture, the iPosture, through its Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor (WINSTM) detects any deviation greater than three degrees from that best posture. If you’re out of sync for any longer than a minute, the iPosture sends you a vibrating message. And somehow, the iPosture only detects movements related to your posture, filtering out unrelated movements of the arms and head.

I may kid about this gadget, but I respect the doctors who created this device and their sincerity in wanting to help people avoid some of the structural and medical conditions that can result from poor posture. The pair of inventors, who happen to be husband and wife, are both medical doctors; he, Dr. Moacir Schnapp, a neurologist and director of a pain clinic. and she, Dr. Elma Schnapp, a rehabilitation specialist. They both know the physical ravages of poor posture.

If this product works as described, it should do very well, for the Schnapps and the consumers who purchase it. The iPosture is not a razor blade you have to keep feeding razors; it’s a remedial product that trains your body to correct itself. When you’ve done that, in about four to six weeks, you don’t need the iPosture any more.

Give the iPosture website a visit. Even if you don’t purchase the product, the Schnapps share a lot of their expertise with the public on exercise, fitness and health… information that’s very worthwhile.

Via InventorSpot