XPod Active Speakers - The Size Of A Pack Of Gum 

This XPod active speaker is so small, you could carry it around in your pocket and hardly know it’s there. Just a third of an inch thick, the three-inch wide enclosure contains a couple of speakers and a minuscule 2-channel 770mW amplifier. It charges up with USB, and look at that little slot in the back – just the right size to let you use a coin to prop it up.

Just connect the Xpod with your iPod or any music player, and you’re good to go. You can even hang the thing around your neck. It looks cool, but how does it sound? Given the much-improved performance of many mini speakers, it’s possible it sounds pretty good, but don’t expect any thumping bass. Available first in Korea, maybe there’s a place for this mini-tech worldwide sometime soon.

Via Dvice