Strut Your Stuff Baby

Who says high heels are only for big girls? ‘Heelarious ‘ is for hip babies trying to look glam!The tiny baby pumps will fit infants up to six months of age and are available in a variety of colours and prints.

The shoes are shoes are the creation of Bellevue, Washington based company “Heelarious.” The company is owned and operated by thirty-something moms with a sense of humour, Hayden Porter and Britta Bacon.

“I’ve always been a shoe freak and I thought, `Omigawd, what if you could take a baby to a party wearing high heels? It would be hilarious!'” Bacon said.

Both the creators say that the shoes are selling like “wildfire” in 22 US states and overseas.

And they would, I fell in love when I saw the groovy pinks, the stylish blacks, the leopard and zebra prints…if only I had a lil daughter…

“Heelarious” baby shoes are beautifully packaged in a purse shaped bag with a huge rhinestone clasp. I think they would make a unique and stylish gift. The shoes are priced at a modest $40. ‘Heelarious’ shoes have heels that are soft, comfortable, flexible and are intended for fun only. They have lots of styles at Amazon.