Now You Don’t Have A Reason Not To Get Up Off Your Butt

I don’t want to be mean, but so many boomers today are just too darn fat. Yes, I know, kids are fatter than ever, teens, mothers… yada yada. But boomers, your time to trim down to a healthy weight is limited, face it. And unless you do it soon, that time will be shorter, because your lifespan is exponentially shorter every day you put it off.

When I saw the Lift Assist seat cushion, I immediately thought, not of seniors, or disabled persons, or people with arm or leg injuries, I thought about boomers I know, people in their fifties, even forties, who struggle to get off their asses, excuse the expression, because their asses weigh them down like steel anchors.

Take my advice, get some exercise. Strengthen your arms and legs, so you can lift yourself off the couch. Here are some exercise machines you can work with, or get a workout partner and walk outside, or go to a gym.

In the mean time, the Lift Assist seat is a great ass-istive device to help you get up, and it also helps keep your lower back from sinking into your chair. The Lift Assist is powered by a hydro-pneumatic piston, that increases it’s power as you proceed in getting up. It will give you 80 percent support in getting up; you need to provide the rest.

In addition, of course, the Lift Assist is a very beneficial tool for elderly, injured, or disabled persons who need help in standing up from a sitting position. It’s a device that will enable greater independence from family and caregivers, if you are otherwise mobile; the Lift Assist is not intended for use with a wheelchair.

Available in two sizes/strengths — 95 to 220 pounds and 200 – 340 pounds — the Lift Assist comes in Navy only for $110 fromStacks and Stacks and Amazon .