Roomba Eat Your Heart Out

A buildup of snow can be dangerous for large, flat-roofed structures like super markets and office buildings. All of that snow is usually removed by freezing hands and snow shovels, but, if designer Michal Glogowski’s dreams ever come true, a robot would do it instead.

Roofus is an automated snowplow that could also be controlled by remote, and it’s specifically engineered to clear off roofs. It’ll travel around the top of a building, using its teeth to scoop up snow and break up ice, tossing it all into a hopper. Then it’ll head to the side of the building and empty itself out, repeating the process until the roof is cleared. At 220 pounds, it wouldn’t be too much heavier than having a couple people on the roof, and it can be outfitted with lawn mowing blades, street sweeping attachments and more during warmer months.