Wraparound View System For Vehicles 
 Fujitsu Wraparound View System

Wraparound view is the ability to have a 360 degree real-time view of things surrounding you. This system has now come to vehicles which has just been announced by Fujitsu.

The wraparound view system on vehicles uses four camera systems to achieve that. The technology is meant to assist driver to have better view of things surrounding them while they’re on the road. So they could make the response as early as possible when they’ve seen something not going right.

Kawasaki, Japan, November 17, 2008 – Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced today the development of a new video-processing technology that enables a complete wraparound view. The new driver assistance technology adapts to different driving situations, enabling the driver to peripherally view the entire surroundings of a vehicle, from the point of view and field of view that is most appropriate for each driving situation. The technology improves driving safety by assisting the driver in a variety of situations, such as parking, passing on a narrow street, and seeing around corners at intersections with poor sightlines.

Fujitsu is going to introduce the technology with more details during at the 15th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems & ITS America’s 2008 Annual Meeting and Exposition, which is gonna be held from November 16 to 20 in New York.

Via techchee.com