Bluetooth-enabled Boom Bench 

Boom Bench 

We have earlier introduced you to the best multimedia chairs that audiophiles would love to sit on. Now, we have a bench for them. German designer Michael Schoner of NL Architects has ingeniously designed a bench that plays music from mobile phones via Bluetooth.

NL architects have converted an ordinary piece of street furniture into a superb sound system. The Boom bench comes equipped with 60-watt co-axial speakers and two subwoofers, which the passers-by can access with their Bluetooth enabled phones. Once you connect your player to the amplifier, you are the next DJ. The integrated Bass Shaker in the seat converts the sounds into vibrations that add to the magic of your tunes. So, you don’t need to carry your own ghetto blasters. With the Boom Bench, the furniture becomes ghetto blaster and passer-by becomes DJ.