Home Chare:  Wheelchair, Bed and Stair Climber Combined 

Home Chare

For the disabled or the infirm, there are a large number of expensive pieces of equipment to help you get around and live your day to day life. There’s the wheelchair, the stair climber and the sick bed, all of which involve moving from one to the other. The Home Chare, however, combines all three, removing the need to be lifted from one apparatus to another.

In one form, the Home Chare is a wheelchair. But it can also be tilted back to become a sick bed very easily. And the entire seat can be hooked up to a stair climber, leaving the wheels below. It would make moving around a home much easier for someone who needed all of these items, but we’ll have to wait and see if it ever becomes a real product and not just a concept design.

Via Dvice