I’m really starting to wonder if we, as human beings, are getting tired of doing anything requiring physical activity. I know that I rather like the conveyor belt walkways at theme parks and the cool-yet rather precarious-use of a Segue instead of walking.

So… it is with a certain amount of trepidation that I say: I want an Electro-Skate electric skateboard. This thing is just plain cool. And while your body won’t get a particular workout, at least your inner ear will be tested nicely for balance skills.

ElectroSkate, a company based out of Manchester, England, devotes its time solely to designing and creating the fastest, most lightweight electric skateboards on the market.

An example of their dedication is the Hornet 250, which can tool around at fourteen miles-per-hour. It runs on a twenty-four volt battery that powers a 250-watt motor. The company states that these boards can actually travel a distance up to twenty-five miles if used on a flat surface; so hills would be your enemy. Charging the battery to full capacity only takes four hours. You control it via a Bluetooth 2.4G digital wireless remote that allows you to move forward, backward, or brake with the flick of a button. Polyurethane wheels insure that you will have a smooth ride.

Each electric skateboard comes with a tool kit so that you can tweak it to your desired settings. I suspect that this is a good idea; it may keep you from falling off due to fast acceleration. It takes about three seconds for the board to ramp up to its fourteen mile-per-hour mark.

Having a horrible inner ear balance issue, I doubt I’d last two seconds on one of these things without busting my ass. But the benefits are quite high, what with the economy running amuck and randomly shifting gas prices. I could see putting on a helmet and some elbow pads, then taking this thing down to the convenience store to replenish my beer supply.

If my balance held out, I’d get a chili dog, too.

Via InventorSpot