Luxofor Square Traffic Light 

Art Lebedev studio, acknowledged for the Optimus-branded keyboards and other input devices has come up with an extremely innovative traffic lights concept.


With introduction of the Luxofor traffic light prototype, Art Lebedev studio intends to make a difference with the road safety and signage on the roads. Unlike the superbright light diodes used in the present day traffic lights, the design here intends to produce square traffic lights. We have since eternity seen traffic signal in the three basic colors and in mundane spherical bulbs. The spherical shape for the bulbs is however used because it allows the light to spread both evenly and brightly, making it easier for the drivers to notice. But often it becomes difficult to notice these signals from a distance owing to the dimension; therefore the design team believes that replacing the spherical shape with squares could make the signals more easily noticeable and recognizable, with larger lit area for the same overall dimensions.

Via Gizmowatch