Now You Can Really Get Into The Game

Can there be a more kick-ass phrase than “Impact Generating Gear?” When I read that, I think of massive machines that smash giant craters into the earth. Of course, my imagination always outweighs reality…

However, I’ll give TN Games this: the 3rd Space Vest is one hell of a neat idea. This thing is truly what “Impact Generating Gear” was designed to do. And while its not nearly as dramatic as a giant planet destroyer, it is impressive enough to get this gamer and toy fiend all excited.

The idea behind this lightweight vest is to beat the hell out of you while playing a PC video game. Via a USB connection, the vest reacts to whatever punches, kicks, bullets, etc. that come at you. If you’re too slow, your character in the game doesn’t just die; you’ll get knocked around a bit.

Utilizing a multi-celled pneumatic system, the lightweight vest can deliver up to five pounds of force per hit. There are eight points of contact-four on the front, four on the back. Each sensation (be it punch, stab, kick, bullet, bomb, or G-force) has its own feel.

Compatible with only 20 PC games (at the time of this writing), the outer shell of the vest is made of 600D polyester and is tightened to the player’s body via a set of zippers and buckles. It comes in many colors-though the pink one doesn’t necessarily carry the ass-kicking attitude that I would generally associate with blowing away zombies.

I love gaming. My friends actually tease me about how many video games
I play. But, diehard fan that I am, I have to say that I’m a bit afraid of what it would feel like to be eaten by a giant, drooling, zombie monster while wearing this vest. I mean… would your whole chest cavity be crushed? Ouch.

Still, this is the kind of thing that draws me like a moth to flame. If they develop the 3rdSpace Vest to work with the Nintendo Wii, that could create a whole new realm of gaming. One in which the consequences of your actions actually count-if only to avoid bruising.