Gocycle For The Urban Commuter 

Electric bikes normally don’t come in great outfits. But then there isn’t anything that comes as a better alternative to commute in the increasing economic depression.


So, isn’t the beauty worth compromising for? If green is the new way to hit the road? Then, with the innovative electric bike, Gocycle – designed “as clean, sustainable, cost-effective city specific transportation” – you needn’t have to compromise on looks either. Gocycle, comes with adjustable seat and handlebars, and is based on injection molded magnesium which makes the frame lightweight. A 9Ah NiMH battery is stuffed into the cycle’s body, which can do 6 to 20 miles with pedal input and 3.5 hours on battery power. The easy to carry, foldable Gocycle has a 250 Watt motor accompanied by a controller that is USB programmable. Karbon Kintetics is field testing the innovative electric bike, while 200 prototypes have been produced with e-bike manufacturer Ideal Bike, the motive here is to lure the urban commuter.

Via Gizmowatch