AdminPatch:  Pain-Free Hypodermic Alternative 

Nanobioscience’s AdminPatch sounds like a pretty amazing way to deliver drugs into the body: it’s got a metal surface covered in millions of tiny microneedles that puncture the skin. You may instantly think “Ouch!” but since these are so small and pierce the skin shallow enough to avoid pain receptors, the system is apparently painless.

It’s a way of delivering water-soluble drugs locally or systemically through the “micropores” it makes in the skin and it works continuously when it’s stuck to you. The pores collapse quickly when the patch is removed, lessening the chances of infection.

Better yet, it’s simple to use, and it’s easy and cheap to manufacture, so it’s got a pretty good likelihood of existing in real products soon. Good news for many a trypanophobe, I’d say-at least those who need the kinds of drugs that Adminpatch can deliver.

Via Gizmodo