Applause Machine 

We often consider ourselves to be the best in what we do. Most times our efforts are applauded, but there are moments when none other than our own self is left to appreciate what we achieve.

For the loners and the not so acclaimed, British artist Martin Smith has created an Applause Machine, which claps on a mere push of a button. Martin Smith of Laikingland (a creative collaboration based both in the UK and the Netherlands), has designed the Applause machine under a defining byline – “for when your ideas are great but no one else agrees.” The designers here have an intention to deliver kinetic objects throughout the world, with a purpose to evoke a sense of play and nostalgia. Currently available online at Laikingland and over at a few retail stores across the UK and the Netherlands, the Applause machine is a very creative way to say “Well Done”, “Congratulations” or “Thank You” when you yourself don’t wish to do it for the other, or when you have no one to do it for you.

via Gizmowatch