iLane:  Reads Emails and Text Messages Aloud 


One of the most frightening things I ever say was a teen girl driving through my neighborhood, on the wrong side of the road, sending a text message. It’s not only a problem with teens, according to a study lots of adults drive and send or read email as well.

The study was commissioned by IMS Inc and found that the main reason adults cite for reading and sending email while driving is pressure to keep up with personal life without making the boss mad for doing it at work. The catch is that reading or sending email while driving is dangerous.

IMS announced that their solution to this problem called iLane is now available in North America. The device interfaces with the BlackBerry 8000 series of smartphones only. It can read email and text messages aloud and allows users to access their calendar as well. The real catch to the device is the price. The iLane retails for $599 plus a monthly service charge of $7.99.

Via SlipperyBrick