The Link Child Locator 

The Link Child Locator is a conceptual design for a much needed gadget that enables you to find lost children or other members of your group when separated in a large or crowded space.

If you have young children, or younger brothers or sisters, you know how easy it is for them to let go of your hand for a split second and be gone a split second later? Well, let’s say you’re in a baseball stadium when this happens… or you’re in Macy’s department store the day after Thanksgiving…

Panic sets in quickly.

Those at the international design firm Continuum have a security solution designed: The Link Child Locator. It’s a transmitter system in the bodies of two bracelets.

Let’s say a mother and her son have gone to a shopping mall. The boy wears the smaller, orange bracelet. This has a transmitter that operates up to 100 feet. The mother wears the watch-style larger bracelet. that indicates, with a 360 degree compass-style arrow, the direction the child has gone. As the child moves, the arrow follows the direction.

The Link Child Locator seems like a simple security system to use to locate a child within a limited amount of space and in a very short time span. After those limits have been surpassed, better call in some assistance, even law enforcement assistance.

Via InventorSpot