Making At Least One Part Of Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Easy

Have you ever had a crowd coming over for Thanksgiving, but you forgot to start cooking the turkey? Then NuWave Oven Pro is for you. Its makers claim it can roast up a 10-pound turkey in two hours, just enough time to make your guests think you’re just warming them up with a few cocktails before you serve the big feast.

NuWave performs this miracle using three kinds of heat: Conduction, convection and infrared, turning that raw bird into a golden brown beauty in no time flat. The company also offers an “extender” that can accommodate a 16-pound turkey. Convection? Isn’t that a lot of hot air? In fact, it’s a great way to cook, and maybe in combo with those two other heating methods, this thing could actually work.

While it looks like it could save some energy if you use it instead of a conventional oven, it still takes up a lot of room on the countertop. We’re a bit skeptical of this $119.97 appliance with its mixed reviews, especially since it’s the subject of breathless infomercials. Anyone risking Thanksgiving dinner on one of these?