PainShield MD:  Pocket Sized Pain Control Device 

 Pain Shield MD

PainShieldTM MD is a pocket-sized device that is used to stop pain and speed the healing process.

NanoVibronix, the company that developed this device, recently received FDA approval to go ahead and market this product.

PainShieldTM MD “consists of a disposable patch connected to a portable reusable driver and propagates therapeutic ultrasound waves to the desired area of the body.”

NanoVibronix President and CEO, Dr. Harold Jacob, stated, “PainShield MD, which implements our unique low frequency, low intensity ultrasound platform, is the first product from our pipeline to be cleared for marketing in the USA and represents a major milestone for NanoVibronix. NanoVibronix has created a platform that changes the way pain, the most common medical complaint, is managed. Our simple-to-use, portable device can treat pain locally including tendonitis, other musculoskeletal disorders, and post operative pain.”

PainShieldTM MD works by giving off ultrasound waves through a patch that can be placed easily on the skin. While the idea isn’t new, the company hopes this product takes off because of its portability.

This device can provide relief in skin tissue up to 3cm below the skin’s surface and can be used immediately following an injury or operation.

One of the best features is that it is hands-free, which means that medical personnel don’t need to hold or operate anything while giving treatment.

Via InventorSpot