I Don’t Know What’s More Creepy The Patent Or This Picture? I Know It’s The Picture.

US Patent # 5,885,614 provides an olfactory experience known as Odors to Treat Male Impotence. The patent is based on the principle that smelling certain combinations of odors will effectively increase blood flow in certain parts of the male anatomy. The odors can be administered by scented cloths, sprays, scratch-and-sniff patches or just about anything else you can think of. (Let your imagination run wild)!

There could be some embarrassing repercussions on a first date, and it is not recommended that you experiment with this invention if you are planning a visit to a bakery or some other such sweet-smelling place. Wait until you get to know that “certain someone” just a little bit better. The aromas that may cause the most trouble are: lavender, pumpkin pie, doughnut and licorice. With the holidays barely around the corner, pumpkin pie will be a tough one to avoid at family gatherings etc. If you must attend parties “under the influence” of this patent, dress appropriately, with lots of room to disguise any “accidents.” As far as this goes, however, caution suggests that you should proceed at your own risk.

The administration of odorants as a therapeutic aid to stimulate sexual activity and alleviate male vasculogenic impotence may work, but it is doubtful that it will put the makers of Viagra and others of its ilk out of business.

Sex is big business and it always sells, no matter how silly. Consider Amy Gifford’s two most interesting posts on this subject; Seven Brilliant Ads that Sex Sells So Well and 15 Ads That Prove Sex Sells …Best?

Have fun with this silly invention, but remember that silly is silly, no matter what other name it is known by.

Happy pumpkin pie smell (and whatever comes along with that) to everybody.