Portable Non-Contact Charger For Mobile Devices 

Exhibited at the Embedded Technology 2008, is a prototype of a portable non-contact charger for mobile devices from Seiko Epson and Murata Manufacturing.


Portability is must-have in the charging devices, for you never know when that gadget of yours gives up on you, and if it does abruptly then that’s it. I’ve been through those glitches often; therefore I know the importance of carrying a charger on me. Wires of the charger are still a trouble, and finding a socket for current even bigger a challenge – so this charger with its own power capabilities is in for a big hit with guys like me. Built on a non-contact charging module, and relying on the built-in Li-ion secondary battery which works as a source of power for the non-contact charger, it charges devices without being attached to any power outlet.

The battery of the prototype is charged on a charging table using the AT150 from Seiko (without contact of course), while the charging of the mobile devices is done using the AT25 at 2.5W (again made by Seiko). There isn’t a word on when the prototype charge could be put into production as a commercial product, so it’s still a long wait my pals.

Via Gizmowatch