Holocube 3D Projection Box


Now you can enjoy 3D imaging right on your desk with this interesting holographic display ‘Holocube 3D Projection Box’. It sports an integrated HDD that stores video and uses it to create 3D Holograms at a resolution of 1080i. It won’t produce a Princess in trouble, telling you that you are her only hope. Nor will it let you talk to your Sith lord or Sith apprentice in real time.


But it is pretty awesome. It’s available in 10-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch models, with a 40GB hard drive. The Holocube can store up to 18-hours of compressed video at 4Mb/s on its 40GB hard drive, which can then be converted into a 3D hologram. You also get an optional floor stand for easy transportation.

Impress your friends with future technology. Maybe display some cool Star Wars ships or porn. Whatever floats your holo-boat.


Via Slippery Brick