Wilting Flower Helps You Save Electricity 

The Wilting Flower 

Most people would agree that saving electricity in the home is a good thing. Even if you aren’t a treehugger, cutting back on wasted power can save plenty of money on the electric bill. Still, most of us could use a little reminder at times, that’s a bit easier than running around with one of those Kill-A-Watt things.

The Wilting Flower from English designer Carl Smith does just that, changing from blue, to red, to yellow, to purple, then off, as our power demands increase. As it changes, the petals slowly close and the flower tilts over in its vase.

I wonder what happens as your air conditioner cycles on and off?

The Wilting Flower is a prototype for now, but is expected to sell for around $90 if it gets to market.

Via Dvice