Break-Resistant Glass Speakers 

 Harion Glass Speakers

Appearances are always deceptive, what we see isn’t always how it’s meant to be. Similarly, this speaker setup made in glass isn’t at all fragile like the glass itself.


Made in heat-resistant glass cones, called the “Harion”, the $167,500 (16 million yen) speakers are break-resistant. Made by Japan’s glass maker Hario and 23 different subcontractors, the beautiful speaker setup is composed of two mid-range speakers, a central speaker, couple of tweeters and a sub woofer. The hand crafted speaker setup, took three years and eight months to actually become the glass wonder that it is, and could take a little longer to break. So you rich nerds out there don’t try breaking it, for its going to break your pocket, but put it there in your abode for the endless reign instead. And, if you aren’t of the ones who appreciate listening to music, try the Hario made fully functional $3500 glass violin then, and play that expensive music yourself.