A Dentist’s Dream Comes True With This Invention

“Ame de Wataame” home cotton candy machine uses store bought sweets
Don’t forget to floss! Your kids sure won’t, once you turn on the “Ame de Wataame” home cotton candy and candyfloss machine from Japan.

Ame de Wataame is Japanese for “Cotton Candy from Candy”, and truth in advertising never was so tasty. The $159 dollar machine boasts a big advantage over other home cotton candy machines: it doesn’t require special ingredient mixes which have to be ordered in advance, and aren’t easily available from your local supermarket or convenience store.

In fact, no custom mix is needed – the Ame de Wataame can produce candy floss from most any hard candy. Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, even your leftover Christmas (2007) candy – feed ’em into the machine’s central “cooker” and prepare to sweep up hot, home made cotton candy with a handy chopstick!

The 11″ x 7″ x 10.3″ machine comes with instructions in English but be advised – as a Japanese domestic model you’ll need a voltage converter to match the 100-volt AC adapter to your 220V wall socket. Most travel accessories stores stock them. Once you’re electrically set, get out the candy and get flossing!