Luminous Tablecloth 

Lighting is key when it comes to setting the mood for a romantic dining experience, and while candles bring an air of sophistication that no regular lamp can match, this luminous table runner adds a new twist to the concept.

The LumiTable runner from LumiGram uses a special fabric called Luminex (that’s a lot of Lumis), which has fiber optic strands woven right into the cloth that give it a subtle and mysterious glow. You can order the runner with lighting in red, blue, green, or white, along with your choice of nine different backing colors. Of course to complete the mood, you’ll also want to get your dinner guests into some appropriate apparel.

While LumiGram is based in France, they can ship the LumiTable with wiring suitable for North America. Each LumiTable sells for about $200.

Via Dvice