I’m Not A Race Fan But This Product Makes Me Want To Ask Do They Make One For Adults?

The holiday shopping rush has begun and you aren’t sure what to get for that gear-head in your life. Well, if that gear-head is a parent, a student designer may have provided the perfect gift to put under the tree.

While studying at the Art Center College of Design, Rory Craig created an amazing replica of a Sparco Racing Seat
that is sized just right for infants or toddlers. The replica, which has been named the “Wing Man,” is made mostly of carbon fiber so the additional weight shouldn’t bother the parent behind the wheel. Also, the cloth and padding can be easily removed to allow for easy cleaning.

As you can guess, the price would be rather high due to the carbon fiber construction, but for that you will actually be getting three seats in one. During the first year or two of the child’s life, the seat can be turned to face the rear. Once the child has outgrown that rear facing stage, the seat can be turned to face forward and set into the upright position. Finally, when a full seat is no longer needed and a booster will suffice, the top portion of the seat can be removed and the bottom used separately.

Sadly, all of this is banking on Sparco being interested in the design. The idea was recently pitched to the company and no additional information has yet surfaced.