Now They Need To Create One Of These For When You Cant Remember The Catch Phrase For That Joke You Have Been Thinking About Sharing All Day

How many times have you had a tune in your head and just can’t remember who sings it, or how the rest of the words go? You’ve been there, I’ve been there, and it’s enough to drive us insane, and finally; a fun and unique music search business offers a solution by allowing users to sing or hum songs to find audio or video downloads.

Their revenue comes from offering legal music and video downloads of the original artists’ studio tracks or live performances of their songs. I won’t bore you with the details of this sector of the business; it may be how they make their money, but it’s just like thousands of other competitors in the downloading industry and isn’t what makes them unique.

Here’s the fun part! Not only do they offer typical artist downloads, and allow individuals to search by singing or humming, there is also an online recording studio where site users can fulfill their musical aspirations. Individuals can sing the songs of their choosing, in whatever language they desire. While these individuals and their recordings are featured on the ‘Midomi Stars’ page, where they can be rated and gather their own fan following; the main idea is to expand their search database.

By completing recordings in various languages, it makes for a more comprehensive search. People who sing or hum known songs in various pitches, languages and styles help make it more likely that users will find just what they’re looking for. That way, people don’t have to sound like Steven Tyler or Britney Spears in order to render their desired search results. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that people get the opportunity to exposure their lyrical talents either. is the ideal model business; it takes a popular trend (in this case, downloading from online music stores) and makes it unique by adding a simple feature that plays upon a common cognitive weakness; the “it’s on the tip of my tongue” phenomenon