Now They Need To Invent One Of These For The Nagging Teenager Who Wants That Ridiculously Expensive Pair Of Pants At Hollister

Got baby? Then you may have occasionally encountered the problem of what to do with your kid when you’re out in public and you’re the one that needs to go potty.

The makers of the BabyKeeper have a solution: hang your toddler on the wall. The BabyKeeper is a carrier seat that unfolds to become a harness that you can hang on a bathroom stall. The two straps have large metal hooks within them, covered with non-slip safety webbing.

The ‘Keeper is made for babies 6 to 18 months old and can do double duty as a shopping-cart restraint as well. For $40, it seems like a very practical idea with just one downside: It looks ridiculous.