The Palm Pistol

 Palm Pistol

A new firearm, designed for easy access and shooting ability, and usable by millions of disabled and elderly persons, has received a listing from the FDA as a “medical device.” The Palm PistolTM is now appealing for Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

“Hey Doc? How about a prescription for this 9 millimeter?”

The Palm Pistol, developed for defensive use by Constitution Arms in Maplewood, NJ, has a patent pending on its new single shot, double action gun, which doesn’t look a thing like any other gun you’ve likely seen…

but its 9mm chamber surely indicates it’s not a toy. Ergonomically designed, the Palm Pistol trigger is pushed by the thumb rather than the forefinger. It can be used by either hand, has no iron sights, and is easily concealed in a pants pocket (though the possibility that one might shoot himself in the thigh is lessened by the design of the Palm Pistol). The Palm Pistol is really a simple point and shoot firearm and no formal training is required to use it. The Palm Pistol is fitted with an integral cylinder combo lock.

Constitution Arms is hoping for public and private insurance coverage, as the Palm Pistol is accessible to persons with various medical conditions, including arthritis, peripheral neuropathy caused by hemotherapy, infection, traumatic injury or diabetes; phalangeal amputations, fusions, or fractures; distal muscular dystrophy; multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome; ganglion cysts; side effects of certain medications; and inclusion body myositis.Palm Pistol will be sold directly to the public by Constitution Arms, which is a licensed firearms dealer. It is projected that the gun will sell for about $300, but Constitution Arms is accepting $25 deposits now for the initial production run. The company will no doubt use these initial orders to try to persuade government and private institutions and investors of the public interest and need for the Palm Pistol.


Via InventorSpot