Robo-Mate Aiko 

Aiko – Female Robot 

Are you shattered because you haven’t found a soul mate for yourself? Well, there’s a better way out than heading to the matrimonial: build a mate for yourself. Remember when the world witnessed the Canadian Fembot earlier, it didn’t like you touching her breasts and made sure you know that with a slap, we knew something more feminine could be expected here. Perhaps we weren’t wrong; here she is back in a perfect lady makeover.

This sexy looking female bot is an inventor Le Trung’s brain child, which is capable of doing numerous household chores along with reading newspapers. Named Aiko, the robot looks to be in the 20’s and is built with all efforts at £14,000 over a span of two years. In addition to the chores mentioned, the bot can also do the accounts, distinguish between different medicines and faces, answer airport queries and fetch you a drink. Controlled by software called the Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System (BRAINS), Aiko still seeks a sponsor to help her walk like the female she mimics.

Made to be like the wife itself, Le Trung outrightly claims his robo-mate Aiko to be a virgin, probably because she still bears the instinct we began with. It may not be this Christmas, but when it comes out for public getting Aiko could be a sale at around $15,000-$17,000.

Via Gizmowatch