Hack Your Way To The Eighteenth With This Crazy Invention

#US 6988954, also known as the Weed Cutting Golf Club, is one clever, handy-dandy and very silly thing. Two-foot high grass better watch out, as it will no longer be an adversary to a good view and a good shot. With this special golf club, you can hack your way to a shot that is clear. (This patent may well have a dark but very significant appeal to lovers of horror movies, particularly those involving instruments that hack and maim.)

Is the Weed-Cutting Golf Club a must have golf accessory? Does it make its own particular contribution to reduce stress and increase world peace? Well, the inventors certainly thought so as they claim their weed-cutting golf club can “lighten the mood and decrease stress levels in order to provide a more relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.” The club includes a shaft, which terminates in a club head, and a motor and power source, which is carried by the club head and shaft. The drive shaft extends downward and terminates in a hub.

One can only suppose if a golfer doesn’t feels he or she looks ridiculous enough on the golf course, this golf club will help to enlarge the picture. Other inventors have been inspired to create by the diversionary game of golf and some of them have been pretty silly too. Consider Diane Eld’s “Show Some Love on Father’s Day With Golf Ball Art and Michelle’s piece, Have a Good Golf Invention Idea?”

Happy Golf to all and to all a good…whatever.

Via: Inventorspot