ShowerStart:  Smart Showerhead That Doesn’t Waste Hot Water 


Here’s a smart shower head that stops wasting hot water. The Evolve shower head uses ShowerStart technology, stopping the flow to a mere trickle as soon as the water gets hot enough. Instead of 2.5 gallons of hot water going down the drain every minute (or more if you have overclocked shower heads like we do, or a multi-head shower), ShowerStart waits for you to flip a switch or pull a cord, and then begins the flow of the hot water.

The company says ShowerStart could save 2,700 gallons of hot water each year, saving $80 off your utility bill. And it does that without electricity, using a patented temperature sensing actuator to stop the flow when the water reaches 95 degrees. The tech is inside all the company’s showerheads, available in a variety of configurations. If you want to save some water and energy, this sure beats using a lame low-flow showerhead.

Via Dvice