Mac-powered Organic Workstation 

Sitting for long hours with those run-of-the-mill ergonomic keyboards and wrist pads is really hard, we know that. Extraordinary workstations fancy us and we find it our pleasure to bring the best of them to your notice.


The Mac-powered Organic Workstation from the house of Miles of Design 07 is yet another design aimed at the net addicts. Designed by Stevie Miles Brewu, the Organic Workstation is equipped with an adjustable seat, screen, keyboard and foot rest. The highly ergonomic workstation says bye-bye to all the clutter with its neat form factor and allows for an ergonomic and interactive environment. Anyway, this workstation looks somehow reminds me of the mighty Emperor Workstation we’ve seen earlier. The Organic Workstation is a concept only, but it looks good enough to go into production.