What Was Presented When Santa Was Pulled Over After Hitting The Eggnog To Hard

What did you do the Christmas your child questioned the existence of Santa Claus?

Ate Santa’s plate of cookies? Dressed up as Kris Kringle? Dropped a white glove in the living room?

Didn’t work, did it?

When Karen Finley faced this problem 30 years ago, she tried something new. Using her driver’s license as a reference, she made a Santa Clause sleigh license and put it under the presents where her 6-year-old would find it. She was rewarded with another year of Christmas magic.

Two years ago, she decided to turn her idea into a full-blown business, Pick-a-Card Productions. She hired graphic designer Kate Holinek to help her design cards much more professional than her cut-and-paste job 30 years ago. The result is Believe Without a Doubt licenses that help kids believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Santa ClauseSanta Clause

To a child, the laminated cards look very much like their parents’ driver’s licenses. They have much of the same information on them as well. Santa’s license lists his height as “short,” weight as “stout” and zip code as “below zero.” Apparently, he is also registered “in your heart,” which is nice.