SimCraft Race Simulator 

 SimCraft Race Simulator

There’s no shortage of amazing racing simulators that can give you a mind boggling visual and sonic experience, but most leave you firmly planted on terra firma in their bucket seat. A few do throw in a little motion to heighten the experience, but you still don’t get any real G forces.

SimCraft’s latest Apex SC830 looks to change all that. With full pitch, yaw, and roll control, the SC930 can toss you up to 40 degrees in most directions, enough to make me wonder if they include some vomit bags. Various computer and audio options are available, or you can add your own.

Due to be launched at the Winter CES in January, the SC930’s price has not yet been announced. SimCraft, however, describes it as being suitable for training professional race drivers when they can’t get to the track, so think well into five figures.

Via Dvice