The iGolf GPS System

20 channel iGolf Neo

Today, if you want to find out how far you drove a golf ball, you don’t need to walk the course. Your friend indeed is a Global Positioning System, a GPS that’s been programmed to chart the very golf course you’re on.

iGolf’s come out with a business card size SiRF Star III GPS receiver, comfy in the palm of your hand and unobtrusive on your belt loop. With a nice clear easy-to-read LED screen, the 20 Channel iGolf Neo, only weighs 2.5 ounces.

The iGolf Neo should help you shave some shots off your handicap. For one, it provides accurate distances from anywhere on the course, so you don’t have to guess about the best club to use for your shot. Then, for each hole, the Neo gives you the distance from the front and back of the hole to the center; plus you can add up to four distances of your own to measure.  And, of course, the Neo has a shot calculator thatlet you know how far you hit the balls. What could be better?

A great battery life! No one wants his GPS dying in the middle of an 18-holer. The lithium battery in the Neo holds a charge for up to 16 hours, and if you’re on the course that long, the Neo’s not the gadget for you anyway.

The Neo package comes with a cable and MAC and PC compatible software to get your GPS up and running fast. But the downloadable pre-mapped golf courses require a subscription to ($35), a Windows operating system, and a USB port. The iGolf Neo is available from

Via InventorSpot