GAMEROX Gaming Chair For Kids 

Kids who spend long hours playing games on different electronic consoles could be at risk of obesity, poor posture and chronic back problems.

Enter the GAMEROX chair, an ergonomic seat designed specifically for video gaming. The gaming chair takes advantage of children’s tendency to move with the onscreen action and promotes body movement during gaming, thereby improving circulation and aiding muscle and skeletal development. The GAMEROX is suitable for any console and has been designed for children aged 7 to 12 with a recommended maximum weight of 175lbs. GAMEROX has a 3D profile cushion seat which provides support, stability and comfort to the game player. The profile of the contour seat also augments accurate central positioning on the GAMEROX chair.

Its unique pivot and pitch feature delivers smooth movement that allows you to roll, pitch and yaw. The GAMEROX allows full 3D controlled body movement based on the primary “XYZ” axis rotation and the combined 3D spatial positions. One important aspect is that the travel in each axis is limited, thereby offering a safe ergonomic range of body movement.

This all-new action video game seat is a product of the creative mind of designer Tim Briggs. The GAMEROX is a prototype at the moment, but they have plans to bring it to the market in the near future.