Sleep Sound Generator Makes White Noise

 Being a light sleeper and living in coyote land has made for some restless nights, so my quest for the babbling brook, the ocean wave, the “nature sounds” of tweeting birds, and the white noise gadgets that might help me sleep knows no bounds or expense.

A few weeks ago, my mother gave me a hand-me-down from my grandmother. It was the Original Sleep Sound Generator that my grandmother bought more than 30 years ago from Hammacher Schlemmer. Can you believe it’s still functioning?

In serious doubt that this old clunker was going to help me sleep, I took to my bed immediately, as it happened to be past my bedtime anyway. I had no problem sleeping that first night, but I thought it was probably because I was so tired. Every night since, however, that soothing noise of noise-blocking has been knocking me out. And fast!

So, I’m reviewing an old gadget, that for my mind is still the best in the field of sleep sound gadgets.

What’s the difference between the Original Sleep Sound Generator and at least 8 – 10 other sleep machines I’ve owned? Glad you asked, as actually there are a few differences.

1. The Original Sleep Sound Generator makes a “white noise” that masks other sounds, rather than replacing other sounds. It’s a sound you don’t listen to; it doesn’t disrupt your thought or sleep. While it seems like an easy thing to replicate, some white noise can actually be disruptive and disturbing.

2. The sound can be enhanced or reduced very simply, by varying the flow of air to the motor through the two rotating disks on the exterior.

3. The Original Sleep Sound Generator only makes one sound, the one that works best to help you sleep. Ocean waves, birds chirping, and babbling brooks are uneven tones that may create more anxiety by your expectation of them.

4. The Original Sleep Sound Generator stays on until you turn it off. Most sleep machines do not stay on all night, but go off after a pre-determined time has passed. Therefore, depending on how light a sleeper you are, you may not be able to sleep through the night.

5. The Original Sleep Sound Generator lasts quite a long time. Mine has been around for more than 30 years! I’ve purchased other machines that were two to three times more expensive from other well-known tech product retailers, and every one of them had something go wrong with them within 12 to 15 months.

The Original Sleep sound Generator is not sexy. It’s not all chrome and shiny. It doesn’t have all the whistles and bells. It’s not hyped up with a lot of advertising. But it works, really really well.

After finding that the Original Sleep Sound Generator is still being sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, I read that the machine could also be used to cover distracting sounds while I’m working. So, naturally, I turned off my iTunes, which is distracting in itself, to turn on the pleasant non-sound of Sleep Sound’s generator. I hope the motor doesn’t poop out after so much use… but then Hammacher Schlemmer has a lifetime guarantee.

Via: inventorspot