No More Botched Up Beer With NanoBrewMaster

In these tough financial times, it makes sense to try to make things on your own that you used to buy in stores in better days. Well, why not start with the most fun thing to make and use: beer!

The NanoBrewMaster is a contraption that allows even the most unskilled of schlubs to make their very own beer, using a computer to ensure that you don’t screw up the mix by adding in peanut butter or some other beer-killing element. It monitors the introduction of water, extract, hops, yeast and other ingredients, as well as managing the heating and chilling. It’s also a classy-looking setup.

The problem? You’re going to have to make a whole lot of beer to make springing for this thing worthwhile. But that’d be a fun challenge to take on, no?

Via: Dvice