Finally You Can Have Your Very Own Sports Bar Without Going Through The Hassle Of Getting A Liquor License And Building A Business

Does your new digital TV dispense beer?

If you stop into your local pub or tavern on a Sunday afternoon for a lager on tap, you will no doubt find a TV at the bar and, no doubt, you’ll find the TV tuned to a game… football, basketball, baseball, soccer… whatever is in season and whatever the crowd at the bar wants to see. Well now, the crowd can be your own and you can watch what you want and have up to eight beers on tap.

Micro Matic’s new v-POD is a 27 by 14 inch all-stainless steel beer dispensing unit with a built-in 10-inch RCA-LCD video screen and integrated stereo speakers. It is made to order, but here are some of the current variations…

Could a sports-loving beer-lover want more? Would it be too much to ask for a larger unit and a much larger TV?