New Tissue Regeneration Technique Is An Alternative For Coronary Bypass Surgery 

An Israeli team of cardiologists at the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, has created an alternative for coronary bypass surgery, by developing a tissue regeneration technique that enables the body to produce new blood vessels. This development signifies a a major breakthrough in the field of artery bypass and may eliminate the need for bypass surgeries in the future.

Healthy tissue is removed from the patient and is engineered in the laboratory using the new technique developed by the Israeli team. The tissue is returned to the body at the site of the problem and, within a few weeks, healthy blood vessels are produced that literally bypass the arterial obstructions and create new pathways for blood to flow.

Currently the procedure is being applied to blood vessels that supply blood to the legs, but soon it is expected the procedure will also be applied to heart vessels. Several of the study participants were patients in the U.S. and their treatments have resulted in high success rates.

The FDA has given its approval to the procedure and the tissue engineering technology will be distributed here in the U.S. and around the globe shortly.

Bye bye bypass!

Via InventorSpot