Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard

 Tiny Backlit Keyboard

We may have just found the perfect replacement for that klunky Bluetooth keyboard we’ve been using in our home theater. Brando’s outdone its tiny keyboard we touted a couple of months ago with this new backlit model, scarcely larger than the palm of your hand, and running on 2.4GHz wireless rather than the sometimes-balky Bluetooth.

It even has an extra USB port on board for plugging in a mouse if you don’t also have a wireless mouse for operating that computer in the home theater. Because we keep our home theater PC (HTPC) just outside the room to keep noise and heat down, this looks like an appropriate input device for our dimly-lit video cave.

Our only concern is with all that cool blue backlighting and wireless connectivity, how long will those two AAA batteries last? Still, we’d like to give this one a try. Too bad it missed the holidays, available for pre-order and shipping late this month for $47.

Via Dvice