GM To Auction Classic Car Collection To Raise Funds 

 GM’s Private Heritage Collection

In order to raise funds, General Motors will be auctioning off a significant portion of its classic car collection next month.

The Detroit automaker has plans to auction as many as 250 cars at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona starting January 13th. While most of the cars up for grabs are concepts and one-off models from the last couple decades, you will also find few older vehicles such as a 1904 Oldsmobile Touring Runabout. Most of the cars are from ‘80s and ‘90s, including the Hummer and GMC collection, a series of limited edition Corvettes, a 1904 Oldsmobile Touring, two Peugeot 205 Turbos, Bill Clinton’s presidential Limo and a car used by the Pope in 1998. The list of vehicles for sale hasn’t been finalized yet, so we can see some more entries to the same.