Well At Least You Don’t Have To Battle The Current With This Rowing Machine

Most of us start out on an exercise plan with good intentions, but let’s face it, sitting in a room doing the same repeated motion gets boring pretty fast. I have a rowing machine propped up against my wall, but lately, it gets used mostly as an expensive coat rack.

Cycling is a great alternative that gets you plenty of fresh air and outdoor views, but the exercise is confined mostly to the lower torso and legs. What if we could combine the outdoor fun of cycling with the all over workout of rowing? Well, short of finding the nearest river and launching a kayak, this arm powered quadcycle called The Champiot looks like a great solution.

Instead of pedaling, you create power by thrusting the handlebars back and forth like a rowing machine, and unlike most human powered alternatives to a regular bike, the Champiot is designed for one rider. Manufacturer Ferez Industries makes several versions including some with supplemental electric drive for when you lack the strength to row home. The Champiot Ultra shown here sells for $999.