One very smart mouse

An absolute necessity for any pet training is to understand the animal’s needs and to know about its generic behavior, since appropriate animal training is only based on certain natural habits. For mouse agility, this means e.g. their great spatial orientation abilities and spatial memory which is worth bringing to light by relevant trick training.

World’s Smartest Mouse


Building trust with your mouse is also absolutely fundamental for any training, especially for agility. If the mouse feels uneasy about its surrounding and your presence, it will probably just try to escape by running along the wall for want of cover. Such a frightened rodent won’t cross free and light area while confidingly following your hand – but that’s exactly the sine qua non for agility training! A stressed mouse can never concentrate on the agility course and/or your hand, it will be so nervous that it even refuses its favorite treats or other rewards outside the cage and, if ever, learn a lot more slowly.

 World’s Smartest Mouse


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