Pinch It, Cross Your Legs, Whatever You Do Just Don’t Pee

Frequent urination and the constant need to keep a bathroom within range cause undue stress and bladder hypersensitivity among Japanese women – at least, so says Kowa, manufacturer of new Lady Guard pills. The over-the-counter medication lets girls of all ages work, play and relax longer, thus improving their quality of life.

I have to admit, the concept of Lady Guard escapes me… we guys will basically “go” when – and often where – we please without shame. Obviously Japanese women don’t share (or can’t express) this feeling of freedom, so Lady Guard may be warmly received.

The active ingredient in Lady Guard is a drug called flavoxate, available via doctor’s prescription since 1978. Now that flavoxate has been approved for OTC sales, countless shy women can now deal with their, erm, number 1 issue privately. And that’s as it should be, right?